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kkissings asked:

Hi! What does the crystal trophy in the cars playset do in the game?

Thanks for asking! The Piston Cup Trophy needs to be used to activate the Cars Playset in Disney Infinity. Without the trophy in place, your Cars figures can only be used in Toy Box mode. The trophy doesn’t have any other function.

For example, in order to use the Cars playset, you would remove the Pirates/Monsters/Incredibles playset piece from the portal and use the Cars playset piece. 

Disney Infinity fans, you’d better start planning your trip to Walt Disney World soon. It has been discovered that if you touch your Magic Band to the hexagonal space on your Disney Infinity portal, you can unlock the Dragon Gate toy for the Toy Box. In this gate, you’ll find a dragon toy that can be released, and it will fly around your Toy Box shooting fire. Check out the video to see how it works!

The Problems With The Chase

I’m not opposed to the idea of having store exclusives on special figures, in theory. It lends a bit of fun to someone who might want to have one or two “special” items in their collection. However, you have to make sure you execute that right or you could end up with some bad feelings.

Unfortunately, Disney has already set themselves up for this with Disney Infinity, and it’s no surprise that it’s the merchandising monster Lightning McQueen himself that is at the center of the problem.

Exclusive to Toys ‘R’ Us is a “crystal” version of the Lightning McQueen character. He comes in a special gold-colored card board back. The unfortunate problem arises when you realize that a Lightning McQueen figure already comes with the Cars playset. To make matters worse, your progress with the toys in-game is saved right to the toy. If you decide later to splurge on what is effectively a duplicate figure, you may be losing all your progress. (Supposedly the clear MCQueen figure is boosted in-game and can progress faster, maybe to make up for this problem, or maybe in order to sell even better.) If you want to sell your original figure, you’re not going to find any real takers, since McQueen already comes with the Cars playset and those most interested will already have it.

I hope Disney learns from this for Series 2. Variants of stand-alone figures are great, but don’t make us buy the same toy twice.

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